Thoughts? Kontact/Kontact Player in Cubase 7.5.40, Pro 8?

I’ve read a few of us are using Kontakt/Kontakt Player … if you are reading this and wanted to share a few thoughts, I’d be grateful. I’m looking at the possibility of moving from HSSE for various reasons, and checking out the alternatives. This would just be a Kontakt thread, I have another for Sampletank in the loung also.

Thank you!


I have used Kontakt for many years and I use it daily. Zero issues in Cubase or Nuendo or other DAWs.
Before that I’ve used hardware sampler’s and other softwares samples like EXS24 etc.

I use Kontakt daily and one of main tools in my productions. If looking for a great sampler to make a own samples library or use it to play professional sampel libraries you shouldn’t look further. Kontakt are more less the standard now. Support any files or audio format you want to open and use. Even old vintage Emu Emax files or Akai work that I created on those hardware samples.

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I use Halion and Kontakt, both are good to go. Only preference for Kontakt regarding availability sample libraries, but if you need to make your own sample banks, then Halion is a very good platform for that!

O yeah, when going for Kontakt, I would recommend buying the komplete edition, which gives you for a few hundred dollars a big library aswell!

I use Kontak 5 and Reaktor 5 a lot. No issues, Native instruments make excellent products. They work well in Cubase and make a great addition to your sound library… You can also use Kontak 5 as a stand-alone instrument.

I am pretty sure that there are more sample libraries made for Kontakt than any other ROMpler out there… so its a great tool to have in your toolbox. But moving away from HalionSonic SE to use K exclusively would not make sense to me, why not use the best of breed in your work, all of these tools have their highs and lows.

Agreed. Just that right now I am ticked that there’s another thing to have to check that wasn’t even on my radar screen as a possible problem … that the sample library instruments might be out of tune. What? :smiley:

Downloaded Sample Tank 3 Free version yesterday … very nice sounds overall, though I did notice that the horns were kind of cheezy sounding … much better in Halion Sonic SE. I guess I’ll just have to pick and choose as you are saying. Oh well, complaining won’t help … onward and upward!

What he said ^^^^