Thougts, wishes, hints after testing WaveLab 11 for 30 days

Hi there,

now my 30 day-test-period comes to an end. Thank you so much. As a newbe, here is a wish-list … Maybe some feedback helps to improve WaveLab even further or I get hints how to solve something in a better way I found out so far.


A kind of labeling, description of the plugins … Sometimes one uses the same plugin more the one time.


It would be nice if there was a way to note the intention of the effects. (EQ — Why set, what done)

I know … there is no space for this … but …


Copy possibility of plugin-settings from on set to another. Eg. The Match EQ settings from one plugins-Set to the next.

Copying / Make a instance-copy with all the settings of a plugin like the copying of files in Windows. (Strg + Mouse drag and drop)

Where are the plugin-Settings of a VST-plugin saved to acces this information and copy it?


A Search-String for the plugin-Set selection in the batch-plugin-Selection.


The ID3-Informations (titel, author, …) are lost after using the batch-processing or the „tools → batch-processing“.


Something like the Windows + D Desktop-switch behavior. If plugins are open one cannot see Wavelab. So this shortcut and only WaveLab is visible and the shortcut again and the Layer of open plugins is visible again. I have found something to define this for some part e.g. for effects, but nothing for all open VST-windows. (Would be very appreciated …!!)


If there is a CD-Project with CD-Text but the CD-Markers have no labels yet: It would be nice to have the posibility to generate CD-label-names with current-numbers in front from the CD-Text Titel.


Burning of CDs from the generated DDPs in the background.

If one has more burners. Burning of DDPs in parallel in the background.


If the programm has intern information and warns one, it would be very appreciated to get the detailed information to the users in detail to guide them:

Eg: „Maximum playing time has been exceeded.“ It’s nice that the computer knows that… I would like to have the information straight away about how much and which clips are too many … I had to delete one file after the other from the end and ask WaveLab every time until wavelab said …OK.


When I prepare a CD, I create 16-bit dithered files. When creating a CD without doing anything to the files, do I still have to dither again or can I get WaveLab not to change the files? When ca I am be sure that wavelab does not generates internally 32-bit floats again?


It would be nice if the audio files could be extracted (and subsequently edited) from the DDP images (created by WaveLab), ID3-labeled from the CD-Text within the DDP.

Thank you very much and have a marry Christmas and a happy New Year altogether.

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