thr10x metronome/monitoring problems with Cuba's ai

so I have the Yamaha thr10x. I’m using it with cubase ai, that it came with. my problems are that, A. I can’t get any sound unless I route the Yamaha output as mono. also I can’t monitor the project, anything in the project without the yamaha being used as the monitors. if I just unplug the Yamaha, it doesn’t come through my laptop speakers or headphone jack no matter how I set the driver or the output sources. and B. as soon as I was able to get decent sounding recordings from the thr10x, because at first it was only recording a flat line with no distortion, my metronome stopped working. I know it’s on, I can see the level indicator moving, I know the volume is up, all the way in fact. I’ve checked, Google, other forums, youtube, facebook and no one can help me. I am getting extremely frustrated with this. and honestly my experience so far with cubase has not been good compared to other daws I’ve used. someone help. I really want this to work. i dont want to go back to using reaper.