THR30II and CubasisLE

I just purchased the THR30ii and it comes with Cubasis LE, but I don’t have an iPad I have a laptop, PC and Android. Do I still qualify for a free app?

The THR30II is advertised with both … Cubase AI/Cubasis LE. Cubasis LE is for tablets and phones.
What you need is Cubase AI, there should be something like a card with a download access code in the package.
Create an account for yourself on the Steinberg main website (“My Steinberg”) and you can enter that code there, and follow instructions to download and install Cubase AI.

I don’t have a card. I have a pamphlet with instructions. It says to download Cubasis LE from the App store, connect it to my hardware and it will go from demo mode to normal operation. I don’t have an access code.

Nevermind, I found it!!! Thanks so much for the response. Let me see if I can get it tapped into my mobile, laptop and desktop.

Here’s a link to help you:

Hi @tjandra,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply due to seasonal holidays.

Glad to see that you’ve been able to resolve the issue yourself. Since the topics relates to Cubase, I’ve closed the issue in this forum (which relates to Cubasis topics).