Thread 118 Crashed: Audio Process Preview

Trying to preview in Pitch Shift.

Thread 118 Crashed: Audio Process Preview
0 com.steinberg.nuendo 0x00140bef 0x1000 + 1309679
1 com.steinberg.nuendo 0x0013f019 0x1000 + 1302553
2 com.steinberg.nuendo 0x00196f39 0x1000 + 1662777
3 com.steinberg.nuendo 0x001980e9 0x1000 + 1667305
4 com.steinberg.nuendo 0x0015649e 0x1000 + 1397918
5 com.steinberg.nuendo 0x00156677 0x1000 + 1398391
6 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9742faf2 _pthread_body + 27

Pitch shift was crashing here too last week using preview. Was in the middle of a session so I just rebooted and avoided the shift preview…

Will have a look at it tomorrow when I get in to see if i can force it.

Preview is a tricky one.
The thing is that preview is not bufferred, which means that all is done real time on the CPU and RAM.
Which means that if your computer hasn’t enough juice left to process the preview, either nothing will happen or in the worse case, you will crash. If you have enough computing power left, then there must be a bottleneck somewhere else.


Fredo, with all due respect, there is NO condition that should cause Preview to crash or exit unexpectedly. Period. If the app can’t do it, it should decline gracefully and not take your work with it.

In my case, there is/was plenty of CPU/RAM available.

And I would definitely not call this a bottleneck. The stack trace says it’s a crash in a piece of Nuendo code. That is entirely preventable. It’s a bug.

Unfortunately, I can’t spend time trying to reproduce this, especially since the result is a crash.


I just tried to explain what was probably happening, you read it as excusing what was happening.

You are right about the fact that anything that makes the application crash is considered a bug.
Proper behaviour is that preview is grayed out and/or plays back “crackely”.

Now, as far as the problem is concerned, I have never run into this and I haven’t seen any reports about it too.


Yes, I did read it that way. My apologies.

So, who has to spend the time reproducing this one to get it on Steinberg’s list? Seems to me it ought to be Steinberg.


hehe…you haven’t been around here long have you Jason :slight_smile:

No! And I won’t be very much longer the way these Nuendo bugs are killing me!

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue:
0 com.steinberg.HALionOne 0xfc9790b5 0xfc800000 + 1544373
1 com.steinberg.HALionOne 0xfc9bd41c VSTPluginMain + 30054
2 com.steinberg.HALionOne 0xfc9bba1b VSTPluginMain + 23397
3 com.steinberg.HALionOne 0xfc9bbad9 VSTPluginMain + 23587
4 com.steinberg.HALionOne 0xfc803743 0xfc800000 + 14147
5 com.steinberg.HALionOne 0xfc9bc070 VSTPluginMain + 25018

Another one, opening a project that has nothing to do with HALionOne. Never use it.

Culprit = Steinberg code.


remove halionone from your system and see if you can repro.

I would, Max, but in the middle of a project. Can’t disturb the environment. When I get some downtime I’ll try some things. In fact I’m still on 5.1.0. Haven’t wanted to risk 5.1.1 on a deadline.

I’m pretty sure if I just remove Nuendo from my machine I won’t see the bug at all! :smiley:


fwiw i’ve not hit any issues with 5.1.1