Thread Management

Please accept my sincere apologies if what I am about to say is already being done or has been dismissed before as being completely useless, but…

… There are a good many threads here covering a multitude of issues. Clearly, threads cannot run forever. However, in terms of their conclusion, would it not be beneficial to all if Steinberg adopted a formal policy, applicable to the termination of all (relevant) threads?

For example, an appropriate member of staff would review the content of a thread and then provide a concluding post to inform the user base of the salient points from a Cubase development standpoint (or similar).

Just a thought.

That will not happen anytime soon, this being primarily a member-to-member discussion board.

Personally, I think it would be a good idea if threads were automatically closed to new replies after a time period, like several years, which is what I first thought of as I read the beginning of your post.

I actually love when an old thread is still available for discussions ESPECIALLY here where issues can last several versions and years…Sometimes someone updates a solution to the issue and it’s like gold…jmo

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