Three (3) days to go until update time

I am hoping for an evolved media production paradigm, with a sharp focus on the inventory of bread and butter tools and applications, that are the staples of modern musical compositions.

huh? paradigms? baking references? staples? wtf

im hoping the damn thing installs without crashing. and arrives on time.

oh if it comes with a loaf of bread i will consider it a bonus

Preview of the new Cubase tools.

haha !!!
tasty but could make cubase faint with to much cholesterol !

I forgot to mention the awesome sonic palette developed in close collaboration with top-notch sound designers and engineers, hand picked for their impeccable attention to detail.

ah! thank you!
a new knife and bread-and-butter tools.
nice´n yummi!

I’ll be happy when eveey one else stops moaning about the Mixer.
You got to admit it’s getting good now.

…oh and if they delete the silly idea of preset selection and VST insert selection using the corners of the Insert box i’ll be a happy man.
Damn thing, I want to open the Insert so stop bringing up those menus I don’t need…click,click,click

you have a long wait

You got to admit it’s getting good now.

No, it is still a piece of crap. It has MILES to go before it will be as usable as the 6.5 mixer.

Now that does sound like someone who does not have anything to moan about the mixer…

Says who ?
Are you the authority on different peoples work flow ?
I haven’t got a lot of issues with the mixer so your certainly not speaking for me are you , so everything you said is just your opinion of course .

I’m just in a reasonable mood.
If I wanted to moan I could moan about the complete uselessness of the overview meter for example and shout about how they should have had a project overview instead as i’m using an iMac and have a single virtual desktop for the mixer and the project view.

Other than that and the fact you can’t assign a hot key to open the first ,second , third etc Insert plugin windows.
I guess the work around is to use the mixer now when popping in an out of Inserts.

I probably don’t go as deep into Cubase as you guys anyway. For me thats still to come once the creation process has been satisfied…

Yeah it’s clean and simple isn’t it.
Better than release for sure!
Also waaay better on a Mac with 2560x1440 vs a duel monitor setup on my old windows machine. :sunglasses:

I’m the authority on mine.

I haven’t got a lot of issues with the mixer so your certainly not speaking for me are you , so everything you said is just your opinion of course .

I was responding to the post that said "You have to admit… " No I don’t have to admit anything about the new mixer other than it is a huge step backwards in multi monitor support, key command support, windows focus support, remote control support, number of clicks to do virtually anything support, visibility and readability. They are all a step back. You can say it’s IMO if you want … that’s fine. But, again I was responding to someone elses opinion.

I am evolving a media production paradigm, with a sharp focus on bread and butter and staples.

:laughing: My following rant has nothing to do with this beautifully crafted statement of incredible nothingness :mrgreen:

Now if bread and butter would include Solo/Mute multi-select working on the mixer … geez, nobody uses that right? QLink was supposed to make that work right? I mean seriously, if you can’t mute or solo a multi-selected track list correctly, how are you supposed to take the new mixer seriously? That’s 1 of about a dozen or more bugs of just the basics that you can’t do if using the mixer. Those are such trivial use cases it’s boggling that there can be that bug for this long after release.

So, if having trivial stuff not work is OK with you guys, that’s fine with me. But, I’m not gonna fight the stupid interface 100 times a day to get it to do something so damn obvious.

My Steinberg imposed banishment has come to an end my friends.

I’m very happy about the new update.

It seems like Steinberg has taken into account all the things we’ve said here in the forums.

Thank you Steinberg.

All praise to Steinberg.

(ok enough of that)

Seriously the update looks good. I hope to not have to go back to 6.5 with this update, and I really look forward to checking out how they’ve made resizing of the mixer better. Still I’d love a classic mixer version, but this is the most extensive update yet. Overall just being able to see the track names is gonna make this version usable!

Our next iteration of our much loved audio and MIDI music sequencer brings an even greater user focus, with work-centric interfaces engineered to please even the most discerning audio professional, mixing music is now synonymous with personal success.

@Better Man

Is that friend called: ‘Bredo’?

It might be a different person but there are a couple of post
by a ‘Bredo’ over at the Gearslutz site saying that he was temporarily banned
from this site but that he would be back after the Sept update.

Vince McMahon