Three Melodynes in the Insert window

I now have three instances of Melodyne listed when I use the insert window. Two are the Melodyne Editor and one the the old Melodyne Editor Beta. How can I just have “one” Melodyne Plug-In come up. This is really confusing and redundant.

You have more than one listed in the plugin information. Go to devices/plugin information and uncheck the ones you don’t want. The beta is the older version so that would be the first to go. The other two may be 32 and 64 bit.
Then click the update button. Only the one(s) you left checked will now show in your insert drop down.

Thanks.I’ll try it. BTW, Melodyne is causing an audio stuttering when transfering a mono track. It is random and not
pitch specific.

Not sure about this other anomoly. Best ask in the Celemony forum.

Trashed prefs and re-installed Cubase 5.5.2. Now I only have one Melodyne vst3 in the inserts but in the plug-in info page I still see the .vst too.

Just don’t look at that page. You’ll be aight! :slight_smile: