Three months after

… and we are still unable to BOTH use tags like Cubase 11 AND Issue or Feature request.

So, is there anything planned to solve the problem, the most evident one being to get rid of the useless All/Solved/Unsolved box ? Additionaly, and beside the strange order in which all the tags are listed (an alphabetical would be preferable, I think - shouldn’t be rocket science to implement) what are we supposed to choose between these two ?

… and another one :

No more comment needed, beside the fact that the recent Cubase 11.0.10 release announcement doesn’t appear, while a 4 years old Cubase related one does… :no_mouth:

… the last one (for now…) : why aren’t we allowed to add ‘…’ (suspension points in english, maybe…) to a topic title ?

We aren’t there, yet, far from it… :nauseated_face:

I saw your post and thought it was a song title.

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Could have been, but the made-with-discourse tag is lacking…