Three new Arranging tools/features from Cubase in Dorico


I asked here about the advnaced arranging tools for large orchstral pieces. these will be very useful for my workflow. Assume you are working on orchestration of a piece of the form A1B1A2B2A1 The following features would be great to have from Cubase.

1. MemZap Zoom Function

in Cubase it is used to jump right back to previous location ( memorized). This would be useful if you are working on say, the 5th bar of A2 ( Zoom Mem) and you go beck to A1 to check somthing. Then you do Zoom Zap to get back to 5th bar of A2.

2. Locking score upto a specific bar or beween two bars.

Let’s say I arranged A1 and B1 and I am very happy with it. I want to lock everthing upto The last bar of B1 so that Unfortulately Setting Insert mode stop positions this is the oposite of what I want to prevent any material before (not beyond) the stop point being affected by inserted notes. It can be called, start point :slight_smile:

3. Cycle markers

We have Markers in Play mode that does reflect in Write mode which is great. However, this would be more useful if we were to insert Cycle markers, this way, we would be able to tell which section (A1, B1, A2, … ) of the music we are working or playhead is in.

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