Three pieces to one - best workflow

Hello, I’ve written three single pieces for solo viola and want to combine them into one with different sets. I just wanted to know wich is the best way to do that.
“Copying” the notes from one into a 2. and 3. “flow” of the first one? Or is there a more elegant way?

Thanx for advices

If the three pieces are currently in separate projects and you want all 3 of them to be in the same project, but remain separate flows (that is, Flow 1, Flow 2, and Flow 3) you can import the other two pieces into one of the projects.

If you want to turn them all into a single continuous flow, you do need to copy/paste but I would recommend selecting the relevant music using the system track - that way, it picks up all relevant information, such as time signature changes etc.

Thank you very much for the quick reply.
It is the first case, and I will try as you suggested!
Best regards