Three quick questions from potential buyer of WL EL

Hi there! I’m looking into buying WL Elements 8, especially this weekend (it’s so cheap now!). I’ve downloaded the demo which I’m about to install and the manual, but I’d appreciate an answer on a few very quick questions.

  1. I’ve used to use SoundForge for audio way back (v5 I think…), and I think WL EL will be enough to cover what it SF had and then some (3 track montage, for instance, is a blessing). I’m in the right track, right?

  2. The big one for me: are the included plugins available outside of WL? Specifically, I’d like to be able to denoise a track directly inside my DAW (Presonus’ Studio One) without having to export to WL to process. Not sure I need other plugins, since I’m covered with EQ, compression, and all that. I just basically want the restoration ones for a single track inside my DAW, is that possible?

  3. I’m reading that no elicenser is needed for the demo of WL EL, what would I need to run the full copy of Elements? I’m not at all comfortable with a dongle, and basically discard anything that requires one, I’m interested in how this works for Elements.

Thanks so much for any insight on any of these!!

Juan Miguel

No, those plugins are dedicated to Wavelab.

Wavelab Elements uses the soft license, which requires the eLicense control software on your computer. Once activated, the license is valid on that particular computer for use of WL Elements. It can be transferred (one way only!) to a dongle, but doesn’t need to be.

Sonnox plugins can be used in other apps if you copy them outside the wavelab folder.

Thanks so much to both of you! :slight_smile:

Regarding the license, can I install and activate on two machines or I would need to transfer to a dongle in that case?

Thanks again,
Juan Miguel

With a dongle, you can use it on several machines (not at the same time)

Thanks again for the speedy reply. :slight_smile: