Three reasons why "MIDI > Functions > Pedals to Note Length" doesn't work

Reason no. 1
Note events are set to a different channel than 1.

Reason no. 2
Sustain (CC64) values are not 0 and 127 only.

Reason no. 3
Redundant pedal events are present.


In my experience for the Pedals to Note Length works if:

  • You use a real sustain pedal, NOT expression pedal, that would generate lots of unnecessary MIDI information!

  • Sustain values can be 0 and 127, yet 64 and 127 still works

  • If you do not have any pedal, you can still draw in the sustain pedal as automation. Just make sure all points Curve type setting is Step, not Ramp / Curve.

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For removing redundant sustain pedal events LE preset, read:

Also, it’s important to execute the “Delete Overlaps (mono)” function after executing “Pedals to Note Length”. Otherwise, you might end up with notes overlapping other notes, making you MIDI part sound different than the one with CC64 events (sustain pedal events) present.