Three Small "Bugs" In N11

Ok, so there are three weird things I’ve found, but please correct me if these are actually by design (they are just new to me, which, I’ve been on Nuendo since 2008, so I’m usually pretty aware when something is different)

#1 - when you double click a midi note it goes away. Is this how it’s supposed to be? I have NEVER noticed this before in all my years in Nuendo. Is this a preference change, or is this a new change on purpose?

#2. If you’re loading in a track from another session (file > import > tracks from session) and that particular track is frozen or locked, it doesn’t import correctly. The track is locked out; you can’t even delete it.

#3. Aborting an export basically never works for me; it almost always freezes my session. If I’m in a session with no plugins or whatever, it works fine. But on any normal session, if I click abort the program freezes and I have to force quit.

Always willing to admit that I’m doing something incorrectly, but like I said, these things caught me way off guard.

  1. new feature, see

As far as the others, maybe a reproduction sequence would help, as explained in: How to format a bug report