Three weeks with Cubasis

So after using Cubasis for a few weeks I have the following to report

  • generally a great app, although feels like it’s been engineered to force you to use the full Cubase (i.e. no automation, no stereo effects, no visual feedback in plugins (compression)…all the things needed to start and finish a song on a single device)
  • excellent integration with external apps such as Audiobus, CoreMidi
  • does not feel ‘rock solid’ though
  • crashes sometimes result in corrupt files, this has happened to me in only three weeks of use
  • mixdowns sometimes have tracks playing at different speeds, or out of sync (this happens randomly). I have tried restarting my iPad (I haven’t seen this reported elsewhere so perhaps I’m just expecting too much from Cubasis)
  • some parts of a track do not play at all. I have a spoken vocal track with multiple snipets. One part starts to play then stops halfway through. all other tracks keep playing though. I get this on mixdown as well
  • extremely, extremely slow undo/redo - I can sit there for 20 seconds waiting while Cubasis try’s to move a part back a few bars

I am running Cubasis on an iPad 4 64GB - quite a powerful little device so I didn’t expect to see some of the issues I’m seeing.

Thanks for that update, 3sl!

Can I ask, are you recording any audio … if so what interface are you using, are you happy with that combination, what kind of latency are you getting?


As a general comment I would not hesitate in buying cubasis, even with all of it’s ‘growing pains’.

I have recorded some vocals using my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, direct into the iPad using Cubasis. Worked no problems at all. I haven’t recorded multiple instruments at once but the latency seemed to be negligible. I’ve only recorded once so others may have more experience than me.

Please do your self a favor, like on my cubase pc, i’l do always every minute a ctrl+ S shortcut.
Make a snapshot on your projects after every important part on cubasis.

And it seems something is wrong with your cubasis installation, i have also a ipad4/64gb. With havy load of audio, midi and effects i get 1-2 sec. For undo operations and 1-2 sec. Lags in reaction of the gui when i jump to another bar.
Maybe your device is some cluttered in the flash store. Maybe it helps you reset your ipad compled.


Good point, I will try a restore.

thanks 3sl for your extensive feedback.

it would be highly appreciated if you could send us your crash logs for further investigations. Check this thread to know how to retrieve them

Thanks again