Three Words

Hey all,

Here’s a new one from me. Very much a Pop song, which seems to be my writing style lately.

All comments welcome! :slight_smile:



Cool tune and nice vocals. I couldn’t hear much bass which I think is the only thing that I would pump up.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll have to fix that. I can never seem to get the bass right in my first mix attempt!

EDIT - I’ve already updated the mix :slight_smile:

Nice little tune, I enjoyed it. I think the drums need to come up just a bit. Not sure I like the samples used – what snare actually sounds like that? I like how everything sounds like it’s in the same space. Loved the Farfisa that comes in – it comes in right when I was thinking “it needs a bit of salt here” :sunglasses:

Thanks! Yeah gotta fix those drums :slight_smile:

Nice pop song…actually noticed the chorus in this one…well done…Kevin

Thanks mate!

I thought the arrangement was good. The melody and harmony for the chorus sounded good and correct and does have that catchy element which is the strongest point. I think the chorus could have used a bit more dynamics, bringing everything up a notch, and especially the electric guitar up. It has the catchy elements, but doesn’t stand out quite enough.

But for the intro, first verse and second verse the harmony imposed by the clean guitar just isn’t right to my ears. The first chord sets a tone and then the second chord has arpeggios on top that just sound plain wrong and don’t match the bass note, preceding chord or where it progresses for the intended progression. Some may call this down to opinion, but that’s how I hear it at least.

I like the guitar pop sound you have and I think your voice suits this style. I agree with some comment about the “nasally” quality of your voice and think that it’s a positive thing since it works well for this style but your voice has nice soft tone. The short notes sound good and the sustained notes that do have vibrato have it correctly placed and also the right amount of subtleness.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your comments. Funnily enough, whilst I was fixing the drums and the next thing I did was notch up the guitars during the chorus :slight_smile:

I get your comment about the chord progression. It’s like that by design :slight_smile: I guess it’s kind of my writing style.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: