Thrill of a trill

Trills are playing brilliantly, but I need the playback of one to resolve to the root note at the end of a section. I looked in Play mode, but see a straight line where the trill is; I thought I might be able to wiggle it or add a very short line. When I added a grace note after the trill in the score, the quarter note changed to 32nds. How do I leave the note looking like a quarter note, but hear the trill resolve in playback?

First, two musical/compositional questions: (1) what’s the tempo? (2) would it work for you to introduce the trill on the first A (beat 2) and let the one on beat 3 serve as the resolution?

If that doesn’t work for what you want, I’m thinking that splitting beat 3 into two eighth notes, with the trill over just the first might work…?

If you want the trill to resolve I think you need to define the note on which to resolve. Just having a trill abruptly stop (as you have notated) is unusual.


I’m afraid there’s no way to specify whether the final note generated for performing a trill should be the notated note or the “trilled to” note, so you will need to show the final note explicitly. (This would also help the human performer know what to do, by the way!)

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I think a human player is supposed to end on the main note anyway. If the automatic playback can’t decide, maybe add a hidden ossia with the preferred sound?

No, I think the last note of such a trill is undetermined. I agree with Daniel and Janus.

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A workaround! Because I’ll record a version of the piece for each player, with a count-in, I can add a note to resolve the trill just for the audio; the printed sheet music will have the original notation.