Throw a signal across the stereo field at sync'd times?

Hello -

I was reading about a Dave Pensado technique using Waves Supertap, where he spreads the voice across from left to right with sync’d delays: for example, the far left is delayed by a 16th beat, L45 by an eighth, R45 by a quarter note, R90 by a half note delay (Sound on Sound magazine, January 07, page 165).

They also get louder as they go across the stereo field from left to right.

I took a look at the plug-ins in C6.5, but couldn’t identify anything that could do that right out of the box. Can someone suggest a way to “build” one using stock Cubase tools?

Any thoughts on how to get started would be much appreciated - thanks!

Use two stereo delays on two FX tracks.
Or use 4 mono delays on 4 FX tracks.
Duplicate the track as many times as necessary, and delay the files…
Duplicate the track as many times as necessary and delay the complete tracks…

First thought…

Create Four Mono FX Channels with Cubase standard Mono Delay.
Set each delay to the correct settings for sync and note.
Adjust FX channel pan.
Adjust volume for each delay.

Dam that thinkingcap :mrgreen:

ps… stereo delay wont give correct results :wink:


Yes, depending on what exactly you want. You can’ t control the volume of any single delay…

Correct, go to the top of the class :mrgreen:

Thanks much gents! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: