Thumb piano (Kalimba)

A lyricist just asked me if I could please set something with a ‘thumb piano’ accompaniment.

I’m sure they’re not looking at making a real recording of someone playing this instrument, rather they’d lke me to compose something & then supply a suitably generated accompaniment track.

I wasn’t really surprised to find that Dorico doesn’t offer Thumb Piano, or Kalimba, or Mbira. Then I noticed that Sibelius does offer Kalimba!

Seriously - is there an instrument available in Dorico that comes anywhere near a similar sound? I’m a NotePerformer user


(PS there are now three reasons why I still have the S program on my computer 1. glissando playback 2. better control of pauses & fermatas and now 3. Kalimba!
Obviously I refrain from describing point 3 as a feature request - unlikely to ever need it again! However if Dorico 5 could offer string glissando playback & better control of pauses & fermatas that would be appreciated & I could ditch Sibelius completely.)

Note performer does not have a Kalimba, and infuriatingly, Steinberg does not list which sounds come bundled with Halion Sonic 7 on the website (“includes 70 instruments”), so you’d have to download it to see which sounds are included. I don’t have it on my computer so I can’t check at the moment, but perhaps there is a similar sound bundled with Dorico already. Hopefully someone else will chime in on that front.

In other news, check this article out:

Thank you!
I downloaded & installed Sonic 7 and to my amazement found a Kalimba there which I was able to get up & running- so problem solved for now!

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