Thumbs up for Steinberg Development Team!

I know from my own personal behavior that it’s very easy to shout out if something is not working as expected and to blame others for any issues, even though the truth seems to be always somewhere in the middle. However, this time I’d like to take the opportunity to take a different approach, namely to thank Steinberg for their great work and support!

It’s not very usual that developments are still retained for a specific peripheral which has been announced long ago to be not supported anymore; exactly that’s why I’d like to point out a very outstanding finding:

I really appreaciate that Steinberg still hasn’t dropped the Cubase integration of the original “Steinberg Houston” DAW Controller which is meanwhile 20 years old! This is remarkable! Maybe it is related to the fact that there is currently no other DAW controller available that would be qualified as a worthy successor, offering the same abilities and directly integrating in Cubase by using the highest level of native functionality. Therefore, it was very nice to see that the related MIDI remote control option can still be found in the current Cubase 12 release!

Unfortunately, the CC 121 cannot be purchased anymore and - as as far as I’m concerned - there is also no new DAW Controller available from Steinberg, offering motorized faders and related Cubase support right out of the box.

Please guys, keep on your great work! Maybe you can already put the “Houston DAW support” to your “future to-do list” right now, so we can still enjoy the same working experience when the next Cubase release will be announced :wink:
Thanks a lot again!!!