Thumbs up Steinberg

My experience with the new FastSpring shopping site was easy and smooth. Things were handled well.

Like many others, I purchased the latest Cubase update and I have nothing but congratulations to offer you. I like this new look, the new features and tools additions, VST and others. There is certainly an adaptation that will take place gradually. All the same, on my side everything is perfectly functional. Certainly there will be a few bugs here and there to fix and I have no worry that these fixes will appear in future updates.

I find it refreshing and reassuring to see that the software production team is not intimidated by people who are resistant to change and who never really seem satisfied. It’s true that it’s their right, but still. Continue to surprise us and offer us the best DAW (in the world).

Very good work guys! :+1: :+1:t3: :+1:t5: