Thumbwheel unusable in Cubase 9

I am using Cubase 9 on a mac running Sierra (10.12). I just installed v9 and I have found that the thumbwheel behavior has changed. It seems that some minimum amount of velocity is needed to affect any change at all and a little faster makes the value jump. Is there some setting for this in OSX or Cubase? I think I will go back to v8 if this is the best I can get.


Do you mean Modulation and PitchBend wheel?

Isn’t an Auto-Q enabled in your Cubase?

I mean the thumbwheel on a mouse.

I see, the scroll wheel?

I haven’t realised any changes here with the mices I’m using.

Shortly before I got Cubase 9, I updated to Sierra. I found that 8.0 now has the same behavior. It seems to be a Cubase under Sierra problem since I haven’t seen problems in other programs though I don’t use this computer for much but music. Windows scroll fine vertically but not horizontally and I have problems with the horizontal sliders in track view.

There is a Preferences on Mac (sinc Mac OS X 10.9 or 10.8…?), where you can set the “Natural” or “old” scrolling direction. Cubase ignores this system Preferences.

I am working on a Mac. I have two keyboards. One is Mac the other is Windows. The only real problem is that the function keys for setting the beginning and end of the loop are reversed on the Windows keyboard. OSX has settings that allow these keys to be reversed. I found that the settings reversed the keys in everything but Cubase. That means Cubase is reading raw keyboard input. I suspected that the problem with the mouse stems from Cubase reading raw mouse input as well and that something changed in Sierra. Your observation that Cubase ignores mouse settings seems to confirm that theory.