Thunderbolt 2 OK with UR44C?

Greetings! I just purchased a UR44C that I’ll be using with an older MacBook Pro that has Thunderbolt 2 (not 3) ports. While I can certainly use the two normal USB ports, I’m curious if I can use an adapter cable I have to connect the UR44C’s USB Type-C port to the computer’s Thunderbolt 2 port (so I can use the other 2 normal USB ports for other things)? Thanks in advance for your help!! Steve

FYI: Ended up with phone support who indicated this should work (or at least wouldn’t break anything), but unfortunately it didn’t.

Thanks for informing us. I’m guessing USB3 to usb-c won’t work either.

It should. The specs even say USB 2.0 is ok. Don’t confuse the connection (USB-C) with the protocol (USB 3.0/2.0 etc.)

Thanks Jaslan.