Thunderbolt and the DAW industry. Implications?


Wondering about this new connectivity protocol and what it might mean for Cubase
(or any DAW) users.

Will consoles or audio interfaces etc benefit
or would it be overkill if Thunderbolt is used for recording/playback
of audio

Are FireWire 800 or Ethernet speeds all we will ever need?


Wow, thanks for that, Steve. :sunglasses:
I’m think gonna stick with my Firewire 410 probably until it breaks down (fingers crossed)… or until I have to purchase a new Mac (knock on wood).

And when you do, keep in mind, all new Macs now come with
this connectivity technology.
And like with FWire, Windows boxes with soon have it as well.

But as DAW users is it ‘too much’ for our needs?
Or will some very clever folks find new out-of-the-box ways to use it?

Would Cubase’s ‘VST System Link’ benefit from Thunderbolt’s speed?
if Yamaha and Steiny built a new console together. (like the n8/12)
A TB connection to a 'puter with an SSD could be very powerful
and very stable.



One thing I’ve learned over the past 25+ years is that every computer I’ve ever owned becomes obsolete - it’s something I’ve come to accept.

New technology is advancing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up, however, at the same time I keep reminding myself it becomes more imperative to keep creatively productive with tools I currently have in order to stay within the creative process, i.e., it’s about music first, computer second (for me). It’s as if they require two different mindsets.

I really am just a piano player and if I had to, I suppose I could always go back and use old school methods: a piano, pen and paper. OTOH, technology also inspires and so I’ll try to keep a balanced eye (and pocketbook). The shi*t is expensive.

Shakka, brah…

ROFLAO! (at least rarin’ back very far in my chair)

You are soooo right. Its so easy to get caught up in the ‘latest and greatest’
gear/technology. I guess it goes with DAW territory.

Ye olde G5 was a top-o-the-line Mac at the time,
and now I am writing this post on it.

Tanx for the overview majik. I needed that.

Better get your wooden fillings changed over to mercury amalgam Steve! Or skip right on over to porcelain!

The thunderbolt used by Apple is not in its definitif form, the design is to use optical connections.

I think most manufacturers are waiting if this thing will be the successor of usb-3, so will I! :smiley:

When it’s not an Apple owned technology give me a yell.

Thunderbolt is from Intel, also available to the Windows platform!

External PCIe. It’s like intravenous data. :open_mouth:

And when the cables cost a bit less than $49 give me a yell.

They finally went for copper instead of optical because it’s cheaper, because they could and because it can deliver power too.
I guess it could enable super capacity audio cards at some point but it sounds more like a hard drive and VDU interface at the moment. An odd combination but I suppose there’s the convenience of fewer interface types at least.

Anyway, are there disks that can read/write at 10Gbps? My eSATA writes 300GB in 2hrs. I don’t know what that proves though. My gut feeling is that it’s overkill for most small peripherals where price is crucial for market success. How about a Thunderbolt USB hub though?

Isn’t mini-port Apple?

Apple just replaced the optical connectors and cables for copper versions, the design is by Intel, Apple doesn’t make their own stuff, it’s more a special customized system from standard components, the last generation was mostly based on Gigabyte hardware.