Thunderbolt as a second drive

I have a MacBook Pro and I will soon need more disk space. Is anyone currently using a thunderbolt as a second drive without latency issues. If it works it will save me buying a new computer. If the answer is yes, what manufacturer did you buy.


I recently did some research - and, after a couple of years of “thunderbolt” - there are only very few drives on the market. Talking about 2,5’’ drives here btw. There is one drive which comes in 1TB - it is from Bufallo. Do a search.
Interesting for me is, that it has USB3.0 as well, that way I could “fill” the drive on my Studio DAW (Windows7) and use it on my MacBookPro. I went SSD recently which made a new Computer out of the Laptop - but coming from 750GB hd now with 500GB SSD I am missing some storage space…

But I do not know if there will be any latency. I would say: No. I can work even from a USB2 drive quite fine, as long as it is not TO complex… Thunderbold should be way faster… AFAIK about 20 times compared to USB2?!

I dislike the fact that all thunderbolt stuff is expensive as hell…

There is a drive from Freecom as well with 1TB and USB3… I wish that there would be drives available from companies like Western Digital etc. Because I never went wrong here, I never used a drive made my Buffalo and/or Freecom…?

Buffalo and Freecom do not make actual hard drives, yes they make external drives.
But, Inside you’ll find a variety of drives from different mfg.
WD, Seagate, IBM, Samsung etc…

Whenever getting a ExHDD, you can do a little research and find what mfg is in those specific drive.
afa a Thunderbolt drive, WD does have aMyBook Thunderbolt :nerd:


I’m trying not to buy a new computer. I like my Mac but having issues with the latest operating system Mountain Lion. Cubase 7 does support Snow Leopard. I attend a monthly training given by Cubase. They seam to think Windows is a better operating system for Cubase. They were not sure about the latency with Thunderbolt as well, but suspect it would not be a problem

I’d agree.
The only thing I’d recommend is go Internal before you go external.
The only reason I’d recommend an external drive is for storage and not for constant access.
With an internal SSD you will see a big difference in performance & load times.