Thunderbolt capability for Windows PCs with Cubase Pro

Sirs, Macs have thunderbolt use with Cubase Pro…how about making it possible for Windows PCs to also have it? I have a custom computer with Windows 10 64 bit, using a i9 7700 10 core Cpu, 64 GB Ram, AsRock Fatility x299 mb, AsRock Thunderbolt Interface and Antelope Orion 32+ HD audio interface. I would love to be able to utilize thunderbolt i/o rather than usb. Please Help. Thanks,

M. McGaughey

Antelope don’t currently have Windows TB drivers. It has nothing to do with Steinberg or Cubase. Antelope are apparently working on TB drivers though.

Yep, if you had an RME Thunderbolt interface using their Windows drivers, it would work just fine in Cubase.

I use an Apollo Twin Quad which is Thunderbolt on my PC and Cubase Pro 9.5. It works really great.I’ve also tried the bigger Apollo cards like Apollo 8 and Apollo 16 and they’re awesome for this. I just don’t need all that in- and outs. Therefore I use the one I have.

Has actually worked for years as long as there was a driver.
With win10 TB is now officially natively supported by MS although only with the newest implementation of TB for security reasons. So if there are drivers it should work in Cubase or really any daw.