Thunderbolt is coming!

Damn. I thought this might be about my Hutchins Thunderbolt bass - Gibson EB3 pickup configuration on a Telecaster body and neck. Oh well… :cry:

You have one on order I gather?

Yes, I am interested in the new connectivity standard for computers and how it will effect existing standards such as USB, 1394, PCIe etc

Interesting times ahead. :smiley:

Some additional thoughts on this topic from other
posters on this board.

From what I understand, it is a dual mode Display Port and PCIe format and works by daisy chaining compatible devices.

Display Port and PCIe compatible devices can be put anywhere in a device chain with up to 6 devices per link, however legacy Display Port devices must be terminated at the end of a device chain.

I doubt it could benefit the Steinberg system link because it uses the PCIe protocol to deliver data and not anything developed by the AES or EBU.