Tick Tock in my recordings

Hello All
I think I have a clock issue but I am not sure.
I am running C5 Essential, using an Adat HD24s convertors and light piping out of the Adat to a MOTU 2408 MKII w/424pci.
I have the clock source set to the 424’s internal clock.
I can record and playback ok with the exception of a tick tock clock sounds on my recordings.

In the past I had been using M-Audio Fast Track Pro, and importing files manually from the Adat into Cubase and never had an issue. The only problem I had was the hassle of transferring files…
I added the MOTU so I could record 16 live tracks at a time and eliminate the file transfer hassle. I also capture a back-up on the Adat at the same time.

Any thoughts?

Can you hear the clock when you’re recording in real time or does it appear just in playback? It sounds like 424 is sending a midi metronome signal that may be activating a sound module in Cubase.

Thannks for you reply Suprawill1
I found my problem. I had the word clock cable connected from the Motu to the Adat. I had the Adat set for lightpipe sync. I changed to word clock am the tick tock went away.

Thanks again.