Tick/Untick All Players in Setup Mode

One thing that would speed things up a little for me and I’m sure others when working with a file with multiple flows, would be an ‘tick/untick all players’ box in the left pane of Setup Mode. When I’ve got something that is large orchestra but then the next flow is say, just piano, it’s sort of annoying and time-consuming to have to go down and untick all instruments individually, and would be quicker to untick all then just retick the ones I need, or vice versa.


There’s a faster method: first select all players you want to remove in the left column (shift-click for a range, or cmd/ctrl-click to select/deselect individual ones), and then uncheck the checkbox in the flow panel at the bottom. After confirming you really want that, all selected players (and their music, if any) will be removed from the flow at once.


Yes, the relationships between the three panels in Setup mode are all mutual: you can select flows then tick/untick players, or select players then tick/untick flows. The end result is the same.