Ticking noise on audio

After recording a mix to Wavelab 9.5, little ticks or clicks appear on the audio

You don’t say when, exactly, you notice the clicking – is it immediately during individual track playback or after you’ve done some processing or a mixdown? You might try adjusting interface latency setting if the former.

I run my mixes on separate equipment and mix to Wavelab 9.5. On playback, The ticking happens randomly from the start of even an un-processed file. They are barely audible.

Right now, I’m stumped.

Sorry, but there is not enough information to provide a suggestion…
this could be everything…

Analog or Digital mixing, if Digital check “clocking” with
Audio Device, Mixer or extern processing device etc… !?

regards S-EH

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As @S-EHansson says, the most likely culprit is clocking. Definitely check what is synced to what. Without knowing more about your set up and what you are doing I can’t add more.

I too would bet on a clocking problem…

Thank you everybody. You cracked it for me. I had Wavelab 9.5 getting it’s SPDIF input from my RME sound card. When I changed the source to come from my digital desk, the clicks disappeared. Thanks once again.

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