Tie across 8va

I don’t know if this is possible, but I can’t think of another way to notate this. Basically, I have a chord that should be tied across the barline, but a single note above it on beat 1 is 8va. I entered the chord in the second bar an octave higher so it looks correct, but Dorico won’t tie it. If I enter it at pitch, Dorico will tie it, but display it an octave lower, which looks weird. What’s correct, and how do I do it?

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I’m fairly sure Dorico is entering it correctly. My understanding of octave lines is that they apply to all the notes below or above them.

If you’d like to notate it the way you described, I think it’s only possible with the Edit mode in Dorico Pro. I did it by getting rid of the tied notes after the barline, adding back the second part of the tied chord an octave higher in the next bar, adding slurs between each pair of notes and then switching to Edit Mode to reposition the slurs so that they look like ties. If you wanted it to play back correctly, you’d need to suppress playback for the notes in the second chord and use Play Mode to extend the length of the notes in the chord before the barline.


Place the octave-displaced note in its own voice. Select it, press Shift+C (clef input), type 8va and press Alt+Enter — the Alt will make the 8va line apply to that voice only. Adjust the handles as desired.

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Wow! This is fantastic! Thanks for the reply!