Tie across barline, adjust 2nd note value, problem

If I tie, say, a 16th note across a barline to a quarter note, and then I decide to change the quarter note to a half note, I don’t get a half note. I know I somehow get the right duration, but, well, you must have heard this problem before. I get the sum of the durations–usually an unreadable expression–instead of what I really wanted, a half note tied back to that 16th note before the barline. I know, Dorico is correct, but what it means is that I can’t put the ties in at all until I have adjusted everything to its desired value beforehand. I hope that makes sense. So, is that my lot in life? To leave the tying till last? If so, I hope I don’t forget to put the ties in, but I know I will.

The quickest way by far is to use the rhythmic grid resolution (adjust quickly using Alt-[ and Alt-] ) and extend or contract using Shift-Alt-Left/Right. Manually tieing is basically unnecessary in Dorico unless you need Force Duration.

Wow! Just wow! Thanks!