Tie different voices

Hi all, how could I make each group of four sixteenth notes to be tied (viola player)? It’s a very long (changing) passage and I don’t want to be doing it by hand in “Design”.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean slurred?

To tie, I’m pretty sure you just select the first and last note, then press T?

I don’t get it, it just worked, but a while ago I tried it and it didn’t. Mysteries of computing, I guess :smiley: Thanks!

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Oh, and you´re right, I meant “slurred”

Did you sort out the slur?

Oh, yes, it worked, thank you very much, I wrote you above :slight_smile:

When notes are in different voices you need to select both the first and last note before hitting ‘t’. The default behavior will only tie notes within the same voice. You press ctrl/cmd to select more than one note, or you can long press and drag a marquee selection.

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