Tie direction odd; also can't reverse direction.

See attached picture showing a set of ties on the upper voice of the left hand piano part.
First question is, is that (left side) a “correct” default direction for the ties ?
Second question, when I force them to reverse with the bottom dropmenu (right side picture), I can’t seem to get the tie between the two middle notes to reverse.

These diagrams were taken from the write-mode screen in elements2,


Yes, that is the correct default tie direction, since there is a second downstem voice in that staff.

If you flip the direction of a tie chain in Write mode, only the first tie will flip. To flip the others, switch to Engrave mode.

The principle is that Engrave mode is a “deeper” level of control over these sorts of changes.

EDIT: I re-read your post and see that you don’t have access to Engrave mode, sorry! I don’t know of another way to accomplish what you want, since Elements does not allow this sort of higher-level control.

You can get this to work without using Engrave mode, if you put the final chord in a different voice.

This isn’t guaranteed to work in every situation, though.