Tie directions change when entering a new voice

Hi there,

I’m transcribing a piece in which the piano keeps playing octaves with an extra melody in between.
When there is no downstem voice, the octave ties behave normally - when there’s a downstem voice, the ties for the low a start going up (bar 15). On beat three I set ‘end voice’ and they go back like I want them. Is there an automatic way of keeping this as in bar 16? I’m selecting them all manually now in Engrave Mode, since I can’t find a ‘filter ties’ command…


Dorico is doing the “right” thing here, inasmuch as the convention for ties is to arc them in the voice’s stem direction when multiple voices are in play, but in fact in this specific situation there’s no graphical need for them to be flipped. There’s no option for this at the moment, so for the time being you will indeed need to flip these ties manually in Engrave mode.

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