Tie endpoints

Hello everyone,

I think the two ties in the top voice (2 condensed horns) start too far away from the main note.

Is there a setting that covers this?

I have experimented with engraving options for ties, and I do get some results for the lower tie (c–c) but never for the top one.

well, this is really odd… I just created a new project and tried to recreate this, and I get the same result, no matter what combination of options I try, and I tried them all. Tweaked every value, including the hidden ones in the advanced tabs… I wonder if some part of the algorithm was inadvertently broken during the last update and you’re the first to notice.

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I just confirmed that this is no change from 3.5. I agree, too far. It would be nice if ties on seconds between voices could have preference settings similar to those for chords.

There is indeed at present no configurable engraving option for this situation.

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