«Tie forced» ...to Daniel ...ok SOLVED

I would like «tie forced» on the same note exp.:

«C half (tie) to C quarter» instead to get a dotted Half as result,
…or a «G half (+ tie) to G quarter (+) G eight» instead to get a «double dotted half»

What is the way to achieve this ?

…also get «three eight rest» instead of «one dotted quarter rest» ?


Hello Alain.

I guess you can find your answers to achieve this using, in Configuration mode, the options (wheel at the bottom of the screen) — in french you choose “groupement de notes”, it’s the first in the menu, and then you play with those. I achieved your first question by changing the second line (Notes commençant sur un temps…), I chose the first option (diviser aux limites des temps).

Hope this helps !

Ok, sorry, I tried this on a “real score” instead of just a quick example and it does not work this way. Now I want to know the answer !


«Force Duration»

Same tool for «rest»
Force Duration.png

In general you should experiment with the settings in Notation Options before you resort to using Force Durations, as using Force Durations ties Dorico’s hands when it comes to editing the music later on, preventing it from having the freedom to renotate the music exactly as it thinks would be best.


I decided to use force duration because in the «notation option» all setting referred to a Metric.

My projet do not use Key signature, Time signature.

I’ll send you the file (same as «tie across bar stem up») .

Thanks it is realy nice to have all of your advices.