Tie inserts extra space

Given this sample;

Adding a slur to Eb gives

which adds extra space after Eb.

Is there any way to avoid (or reduce) this? I think there is room for a tie, without adding a space.
I can move it in Engrave mode;

but perhaps there is some setting that could help in “most cases”?


No, at the moment there’s no way to avoid the extra space being added without otherwise compromising the space allocated to ties in other tight situations. I agree that it would be OK for the tie to cross the flag in this situation, which Dorico generally avoids, and as such it wouldn’t need to leave so much room. This is something we will undoubtedly return to one day, but I can’t say when.

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Thank you.
I don’t think there is a need for the tie to cross the flag, I think the 3rd image looks fine, and it would be wonderful if this could be handled in a future version. I prefer a tie not crossing the flag at all times.