Tie on grace note doesn't show with Condensing

I have a grace note note tied to a ‘real’ note at the start of a flow. When I turn on condensing, the tie disappears.

In fairness, I’m just trying to fake a tie from the previous Flow, so I don’t need the grace note at all, but it is a weird thing nonetheless.

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I’m afraid “special” ties - cross-voice ties, or ties from grace notes to normal notes - don’t appear in condensed music. Internally they aren’t represented in the same way as normal ties.

If you give your grace note a laissez vibrer tie and make the grace note disappear by hiding its notehead, stem and ledger line, you can fake a tie from the previous flow which will not disappear when you turn on condensing:



I suspect Ben was trying for a playback hack perhaps as well as a visual solution.

No, just notation for this job.

I guess I would just reduce the time gap between flows to zero…

If Ben were to reduce the gap between flows during playback to zero, suppress playback of the tied-to note at the beginning of a flow, and use the playback end offset of the tied-from note at the end of the previous flow to increase the played duration of the tied-from note to include the duration of the tied-to note, he could obtain correct playback of a note tied between flows.