Tie over midline won't go away

I’ve got a tied note over beats 2 and 3 of a 4/4 bar. It won’t go away. All the others are dotted notes, and the option in Notation Options is set to “Notate as single note”.

I’ve tried rewriting it, but it just stays with a tie. Argh.

Try the Write menu, Notation options, Note Grouping page.

You said “the option” (singular), but there are two relevant ones:

“Notes starting on a beat ending in the middle of the beat” and “Notes starting after the start of the bar of multiple beats in duration”

Yes, both settings are set to single note.

Aha! Thanks to another post on a similar issue, I used the G-clamp Force Duration thing, and that worked.

I have the same problem: A dotted half note on the first beat (in cut time) is displayed as a tied note instead of a dotted one, even if Notation Options are set to “Notate as single note” and not “split at the half-bar”. Isn’t that a bug? Using “Force Duration” every time is certainly not the intention, is it?

Another vote to fix this. The notation options setting doesn’t seem to work.