Tie problem (bug?)

Ok, now I’m seriously learning Dorico and after all my setup hiccups, now comes my notation issues…soooorrryy :slight_smile:

Please see video:



Dorico is behaving as expected here. In 2/4, if you have a rhythm that consists of a note that is one and a half quarters in length followed by a note of an eighth in length, then Dorico will render that as dotted quarter-eighth. If you don’t want Dorico to do that, you can experiment with the settings on the Note Grouping page of Notation Options, though I suspect that you won’t actually want to change the defaults (you would nearly always want to see dotted quarter-eighth in this situation).

So instead use the Force Duration button, the one with the G clamp icon in the toolbox, shortcut O. Before you hit T to create the tie, hit O to engage Force Duration. Turn Force Duration off again afterwards as in general you shouldn’t work with it switched on.

SUPER! Thanks Daniel.

BTW, If this is Dorico’s behaviour, then why did it not create a dotted Quarter note in the second voice just beneath my “problem notes”? Just curious. :slight_smile:

That’s a different rhythmic situation, because it’s a note of one-and-a-half quarters in length followed by an eighth rest, not an eighth note.

I do not see how that is rhythmically different.

Because a tied end note is often preferable when followed by a rest (as in your voice 2) than a unique length note. However, the normal notation when there’s no rest (as in your voice 1) is a dotted quarter. The 2d notation option handles your voice 2 case. Your voice 1 case isn’t handled at all by options, since it’s the conventional notation.