Tie properties preserved even when removed?

Like so:

That doesn’t seem right… I guess I had a dashed tie from before, and when I added it back, it retained its properties. I would assume when a tie is removed, its properties should reset.

I noticed this just yesterday, when I had to tie from one staff to another and had flipped one tie – then I changed which staff I was tieing to and had to re-tie. I appreciated the settings being remembered.

It’s analogous to when you delete a staff, any music on it is invisibly retained, and if you un-delete the staff, it still has the music on it.

I’m not sure what we could or should do about this. There are a bunch of different ways of removing ties, from changing the lengths of notes to using the U key command, and no doubt many others. It’s not obvious to me that we should always remove the tie properties in these circumstances.