Tie rests together

I’m sure this is dirt simple, but I have not yet found the process to tie these rests together and make them into a 7 bar rest.

In general, such bar rests will indeed combine to make one 7-bar multirest. If they don’t, something must be interfering, presumably in your sixth bar. Check to see what it might be: a change of tempo, maybe a hidden signpost?.. if you can’t find it yourself, maybe share (a cut-down version of) your score here, so others can investigate.

Typically this is a result of manually adding a single barline, rather than having a default barline. As barlines and time signatures are related in Dorico, I assume that if you go to View/Signposts/Time Signatures and turn on the signpost visibility, you’ll likely see something like this:

Click the barline and hit Delete to reset it to a default barline.

“Deleting” a barline to actually restore it to a default barline is admittedly not a very intuitive concept.

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Thank you, Fred. I went back to reveal signposts and found a time signature I inadvertently put into the score and got it to display properly. I have another I haven’t sorted out yet and I think it’s due to the instrument change I’ll attach a segment here. Select the soprano/alto part to see the group of 2 bar rests I’d like to combine into a 4 bar rest.
Tiger Rag 2022-06-22 - Tiger Rag Excerpt.dorico (985.7 KB)

Thank you for your response. I found a hidden time signature separating the multi bar rests. I put it there inadvertently.

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You have a dynamic there:

Delete it and the rests will consolidate.

First of all, thank you. Secondly, yikes! Where did that come from? I went back and checked my score, with the intention of deleting the forte, and the extracted part. There is no dynamic marking. So I went through the process one more time, exported that section again, and the dynamic appears in the extracted part from the exported score. I’m slowly acquiring knowledge about how this all works, but this one is beyond me.

Still trying to shake that forte from my score to join the two 2-bar rests into one. The forte is not in my score or complete extracted part. I am going to go through the process one more time to extract those four bars and see if it appears again.

Can you see the forte in Galley View?

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I’ll check. Thanks.

Well, how about that! It showed up. I suppose that due to this being a doubled part, it may have been included on one of the doubled parts. I’ll go back and delete it and call it a wrap. Muchas gracias!