Tie rhythmic notation to slashes

In the attached screenshot there’s a syncopated slash note with stems that is tied to either a slash region or slash note without stems. I can’t find a way to write rhythmic notation like this with tied notes in Dorico. It’s only possible to tie notes to each other if both are the same.
Do anyone know how to do?

You could use a “Laissez vibrer tie” on the final slash notehead.

Just use a Slash Voice for both the stemmed slash and the slash that it’s tied to, then go click Hide Stem in the Properties panel for the slash where you don’t want the stem to show.

Thank you for your answers.
Is it possible to make keyboard shortcut to “Hide stem”?

That’s a property of the slash region. Without stems by default.

Yes but you can’t tie a slash note with stem to a slash region.

It is possible but it involves a bit of hackery. If you go under the Script menu and select Start Recording Macro, you can record your action of selecting the Hide Stem property. In Windows you can view the command for this action under C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4\Script Plug-ins. The command should be:

You can then manually create a shortcut to that action by editing your user keycommands file. (Be sure to make a backup of it first.) There are a few walkthroughs here on how to do that if you haven’t hacked your keycommands file before, just search for them.

Thank you so much! It was a little tricky but now it’s working! Thanks for your help!!

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