Tie to an accented note

Hello, I am aware that this topic has been brought up numerous times before, however, I would like to emphasize how useful it would be to make it possible to tie a note to an accented note. The work-around with a slur is a lot of work and very frustrating given that the result will never look authentically accurate. Some may say that “technically, a slur would be the correct choice” — this may be true, however, I don’t see a need to change the conventions when the conventions work just fine. Thank you in advance!

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They say a picture says 1000 words, so I’ll save my words!
There’s (of course) also a global setting for this at Engraving Options > Articulations > Ties.


You just made my day! Wow! Thank you so much. Using that software all day, every day, and have yet so much to learn — fantastic! Thanks so much!

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I think you may have been lead down the wrong track by discussions on tieing tremolo notes (tremolandi?) to non-trem. notes, generally in percussion notation. This is a bit more of a pig - I tend to do a single one (switch to Engrave mode and set the single stem trem property for the final notehead), then copy and paste the whole group wherever I need it.

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Wow, I’m mind-blown once more! Thank you so much for that, it helps a LOT.