tie to note without “tremolo”

how can I tie the three notes (it is the timpani line) without the tremolo slashes appearing on the last one? So far I had to use a workaround - using a slur and tweak it’s appearance…

Tie them normally, add tremolo. Then go to Engrave Mode, select only the last node and change the “Single stem tremolo” property to “none”:


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Thank you Estigy,
I just have a déjà vu, as if I have asked this already…

It is indeed a déjà vu, although I couldn’t tell you asked that already. I’m quite certain it’s the third time I read about it in the forum ^^

Having done a lot of this lately, I can say with confidence that we need a better solution. This is too much work for a common operation.

(And I don’t know anyone else has a similar experience, but my Engrave mode is a dystopian nightmare of giant staves and clutter.)

If "Engrave mode” looks bad, it’s because page view looks bad, and that’ll be because you don’t have an appropriate combination of page and staff size chosen on the Page Setup page of Layout Options.

Yes of course, but I don’t feel like I should have to shift modes to do this. Could this functionality be made accessible in the lower panel of Write mode?

(I have been spoiled by the standards of convenience you created in the past!)

To elaborate a bit: philosophically, I think that this is part of composition rather than layout, and belongs in Write mode.

I’d argue that even though Dorico thinks of this as one long note (and the tremolo issue a decision about where on that note a certain ornament happens to fall or not) that neither a musician nor composer would regard it that way. A composer wants to tie a tremolo note to a non-tremolo note, and doesn’t understand why Dorico won’t readily allow that. I don’t think we should need to go to Engrave mode at all until we’re done with composition and ready to fiddle with formatting.

Philosophically, since a tremolo consists of repeated notes, tying --rather than slurring-- to a concluding note is illogical; it is simply supported by convention.

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The reason you have to go to Engrave mode to do this is a practical one rather than a philosophical one: you can’t select individual noteheads within a tie chain to specify where the tremolo should appear in Write mode, but you can in Engrave mode. It may not stay this way forever, but it’s certainly not going to change imminently.

that makes sense

Thank you very much! That was such a headache, but going to Engrave mode didn’t cross my mind. Clever! Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a way of doing it, but in a percussion piece of about 14 minutes in length, with a lot of tied tremolos - which is obvious in percussion music - it’s a hell of a job to do this for every note, as it can’t be done by selecting groups of notes and change it at once. You have to repeat this action for every single note it appears on, or painstakingly slur the respective notes and edit the slurs to look like ties.
Despite how much I do like Dorico, the lack of a better option for this problem is really frustrating. I sincerely hope this will be changed in the future, and as I read through the forum hoping to find a better workaround, I see it was requested several times by other users too, so it’s not something new.
I don’t mean to say the team at Steinberg has to implement every single request done by users, but I know this feature is no problem in the competitors, so I don’t really see why it isn’t much easier in Dorico (yet).
Not meant offensive bytheway, as I do like Dorico a lot, but the lack of a better workaround for this is really frustrating.

I think the simplest approach to this given the way the software works today (which is not to say that it will always work this way) is actually to use two separate notes joined by a slur, rather than a tie.

Please change this, Daniel! This is important! (I suppose you’re not a percussionist?)

This is absolutely not the most elegant way how you have to deal with it in Dorico and there’s indeed room for improvement, but fortunately you can select several noteheads at once by Ctrl-click and then change it to non tremolo in the proporties panel.
As I said, Dorico doesn’t do this as I would like to see, but this way it’s acceptable