Tie to nothing? (to let a note ring)

In other programs, it is possible to indicate a tie from a note with no following note. In other words, the tie mark extends to the right, but does not connect to any other note. That is very common symbology for timpani, guitars and other instruments that have the ability for their notes to ring.

Is there some way to do this with Dorico? I haven’t been able to find that.

It’s an Lv. Select the note, open the properties panel, toggle on “Laissez vibrer tie.”

Thanks. I never heard that term before. Nice to know.

Is there an instruction that one can add at the start of a system to indicate let ring throughout? For a guitar arpeggio piece for example where all the notes are written as 8th notes but intended to ring?

I should add that it would be useful if it made playback of the instrument ring (bit like pedal) in Guitar Pro the let ring command does exactly that, so playback reflects the instruction.


You can add an lv tie via the properties panel.

Thanks for that, but for an entire piece that will look extremely messy. I have for the moment just added the lv ties on the first bar and then text “throughout” - but it is a workaround, and doesn’t solve the playback issue.

You could also simply write “let ring throughout” at the beginning.

For playback, switch to play mode. You can select all the notes and lengthen them easily using the piano roll.

Thanks Dan - I realise I can do that, but it’s the basic functionality that I miss - if one has to go in and edit performance commands in play mode for every dynamic, pedal etc etc, well then Dorico has a lot to learn from Guitar Pro! I’m very much enjoying Dorico but some of these simple, automatic functions are sorely missed.

You can also add a pedal mark to the entire piece and then hide it… plenty of options, too many to list in one reply.