Tied 16ths becomes 8th note

I want to write


but I get


Which setting controls this?


What you’re getting is much clearer than what you want😉

In this instance, just use force duration(o) on the G and enter it as semiquavers and a tie (t): g o t g

If this pattern occurs many times, it’s quicker to copy/paste the phrase and then use lock duration(L) to overwrite the notes.

The piece seems to be written (in parts) in a style that is not a ‘preset’ in Dorico.

The same piece;

becomes in Dorico

This can however be changed by

But it is not the ‘default’ setting.

The piece seems to be inconsistent in the use of tied notes vs. single duration.

If the style you need is inconsistent, then at some point you will always have to use force duration whatever options you select. It’s well worth getting used to how it works (and how simple it is).