Tied chords and single pitches

I’m sharing a small passage which took me a long time to input. Some problems:

  • difficult to input as sometimes I couldn’t input a tie

  • sometimes hitting the same pitch after pressing T did not input a tie. I had to use the accidental and create a tie afterwards

  • the ties do not look the same

Can anyone input this passage easily and in one take?

For the third point, that’s down to your Engraving Options. If you set this option as follows, you’ll get uniformity:

In your example, here, I would absolutely enter the notes first, sans ties, then go back and add ties.

If ties aren’t working as expected because of the complexity of a section, click and Ctrl-click the first and last notes and then hit T.

Edit: so many typos…

Thanks, pianoleo and dankreider! I will try your suggestions.

I know this changes how the music is displayed a bit, but using different voices makes the note entry much easier. I entered this in a few seconds.
Triplets with Ties.png