Tied grace note playback

It’s perfectly legitimate to have grace notes tied to the next note (although I find some people are surprised by this). Dorico does not do playback correctly. It makes a new attack, This means I have to notate the note value instead, which misses the point, and makes pieces much harder to read with all the needed preceding rests.

As I write this the helpful Discourse side panel assistant shows me this was raised in Dec 19. Hence apologies if people are annoyed that I post about this topic again but it’s 2022 now and this has not been addressed. For example, you can’t properly playback pieces by not unreasonable composers like Faure.

Is the Discourse Side Panel Assistant accessible to any user or only to those who have developer versions?

And in support of your request, I note that deFalla’s “Andaluza” uses such tied grace notes.